Our bespoke personal assistant service is available to you day or night. Whether you need someone to help pull together that last minute presentation, power through time critical data entry, de-clutter the office or organise a special event, we can help. When you need us, we'll be at your side in an instant.

anything + everything

Our team are equipped with vast knowledge across a plethora of expertise so no matter how big, how small or how complicated the request, send it our way and we’ll action it in no time.

aDMIN, admin, admin

It might not be the most exciting part of your day but that doesn't mean it's not important. We can schedule your calendar, action your emails, prepare for meetings and everything in-between.


Lets be honest, your quick Google search can easily turn into hours of browsing. Send the research our way and have a concise report delivered back to you in a timely manner.


Our PA’s thrive on creating spaces that inspire, promote a sense of calm and drive productivity. We’ll meticulously reorganise your office set up with practical, methodical systems that are easy to maintain and ensure you and your team perform at your very best.

outsource: ACCOUNTs

Our PA superstars will keep your accounts running like clockwork and have everything ready to go come tax time. Best of all, we partner with the best of the best in tax and accounting, so we can sort all the technical details out for you too.

outsource: MARKETING

Amplify your brand through social and PR with our dedicated marketing guru’s driving the way. Strategic and integrated plans will be developed in line with your wider business objectives to ensure we help you kick your business goals earlier and with more focus.

outsource: REAL ESTATE

From booking and meeting tradesmen at your investment property, through to AirBNB rental management and checking on your home while you’re away on holiday, we can do anything and everything to help with your property management needs.


Your team will think all their Christmas’s have come at once if you gift them access to Instant PA as an employee benefit. Empower your team and take away some of the personal tasks that drain their productivity and allow them to focus on more important, revenue driving activities.

Our talented PA’s will swoop in to take care of everything you need, so you have more hours in your day.

Instant PA. Creating time... the ultimate luxury