Our team of PA’s will take care of all those tasks you don’t really want to do but you really 'need' to do, which will free up more of your time to... enjoy life!

Bills? Paid. Inbox? Cleared. Travel? Booked. Fun? Started!

explore the world

Our team are on hand to turn your Wanderlust into reality. Spend more time enjoying your travels instead of planning them.

YOUR social LIFE

From the latest and greatest restaurant to that play you just 'have' to see, we’ll get you a booking so all you need to do is rock up and have fun.

your personal shopper

Personal shoppers seem luxurious but we think they are just good plain common sense. From artwork through to clothes, we can source anything and everything you need. 

your personal stylist

Can you imagine anything better? We can’t! Our personal styling service will take you on a bespoke journey to transform you into the very best version of yourself.

IT'S party TIME! 

Want to throw a party that's the talk of the town but don’t have a minute spare to plan it? No drama. Give us a call and we’ll come to the party ( scuse’ the pun ). Birthdays, baby showers, lunches...  we'll create the magic for you!

love is in the air

When you've been out of the romance game for a while, knowing how to wine and dine your new found love can be daunting. Our Instant PA romance angels will come to the rescue with ideas and gifts that make dates on 'The Bachie' look like child's play. 

project fit

New Years resolutions come and go but this is one we think is worth sticking to. At Instant PA, we have access to a huge amount of trainers with different styles to help you hit your fitness goals. 


Our talented PA’s will swoop in to take care of everything you need, so you have more hours in your day.

Instant PA. Creating time... the ultimate luxury