Rachel Wilson


A successful entrepreneur who is renowned for her hands on approach and driven mindset. From running global fashion label Peridot London through to international tax for the oil and gas industry and chairing a micro credit start up for developing countries, Rachel Wilson has done it all and done it well. 

"Rewind 12 months and I was drowning both personally and in my two businesses. I was at a point in my life that I didn’t know what country I was in, where I needed to be or what day it was - but I couldn't stop because I had too many people relying on me. In my corporate life, I was often asked questions that didn’t relate to my company but through my life experiences, contacts and relationships I often had the solution. Unfortunately, I was often too busy to follow up effectively which I hated. Stress is a silent killer - what may seem stressful to you, is something someone else can do for you with their eyes closed, it took me reaching breaking point to realise this. 

Rayne and I have always had a mutual admiration for each other’s drive, passion, zest for life and the ability to laugh when most people cry. Sometimes you just have to take what the world throws at you, that includes a coffee with a slightly dusty head in late 2017. Our new venture is all about ensuring you are the best version of yourself and you have enough hours in your day to achieve everything you want to achieve" - Rachel Wilson, Instant PA Founder / Director

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